Tanaka #1: Sweet big potato (5 points)

Tanaka #2: Crab Pincer (7 points)

Endo #1: Salted Kelp (8 points)

Endo #2: Tea bag (1 point)

Yamasaki #1: Skippy Peanut Butter (1 point)

Yamasaki #2: Vegetable Juice, Turmeric tea, Tomato Juice (1 point)

Hamada #1: Squid ink (6 points)

Hamada #2: Octopus, seaweed and rice [In rolled sushi form] (4 point)

Matsumoto #1: Fruits (Strawberry, banana, orange) and chocolate dip, frozen (1 point)

Matsumoto #2: Seal testicle (No points awarded - Heipo consumed at credits)

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