The Batsu Game is one of the most well-known segments in Downtown no Gaki no Tsukai ya Arahende!!, going back to the show's debut in 1989 and continues in spirit to this day in the form of the annual No-Laughing Batsu Game.

In Japanese, batsu (罰) means "penalty", and a batsu game is played by the losers of competitions who have to perform certain tasks and achieve certain objectives. Penalty is a common element in Japanese game shows such as Gaki no Tsukai.


There are two distinct periods of Gaki no Tsukai Batsu Games, the pre-2003 and post-2003.

Before 2003, the Batsu Games are random, and there is always a challenge or tournament that precedes it.

2003 is when the first "no laughing" format appears. Initially tournaments and challenges still dictate who becomes the victors and who becomes the losers, but starting from 2007 with the No-Laughing Hospital all five members participate in the Games.

Classic Batsu GamesEdit


No-Laughing Batsu GamesEdit

The "No Laughing" Batsu Game itself (broadcast annually during the New Year's Eve starting 2007) was first introduced in 2003. The premise of each "No Laughing"-punishment game is, the losing members of the cast (up until 2007, afterwards everyone participates) have to endure many compromising, absurd, generally ridiculous situations for a long period of time (up to 24-hours, thus far) but must refrain from laughing at any of them. Whenever someone does laugh, and he is caught by A Watcher, the announcer of the game will declare that person as having just become "out" (アウト or a-u-to in Japanese); immediately afterwards, the appropriate number of "hang-men" will come out to mete the rule breaker's punishment. (To date, this has been executed via single strikes on the buttocks {or somewhere in that area} with a weapon — one which does not change mid-game.)

To keep the Gaki no Tsukai Guys on their toes, there have been occasions where other conditions besides laughing had been set that could make them out, if fulfilled; also, the "victors" of the prelim-trial (if there are any) can make appearances during games to wreak further mischief and potentially cause even more discomfort to the losers.

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