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The "No Laughing" Batsu Game itself (broadcast annually during the New Year's Holiday) was first introduced in 2003. The premise of each "No Laughing"-punishment game is, the losing members of the cast have to endure many compromising, absurd, generally ridiculous situations for a long period of time (up to 24-hours, thus far) but must refrain from laughing at any of them. Whenever someone does laugh, and he is caught by A Watcher, the announcer of the game will declare that person as having just become "out" (アウト or a-u-to in Japanese); immediately afterwards, the appropriate number of "hang-men" will come out to mete the rule breaker's punishment. (To date, this has been executed via single strikes on the buttocks {or somewhere in that area} with a weapon — one which does not change mid-game.)

To keep the Gaki no Tsukai Guys on their toes, there have been occasions where other conditions besides laughing had been set that could make them out, if fulfilled; also, the "victors" of the prelim-trial (if there are any) can make appearances during games to wreak further mischief and potentially cause even more discomfort to the losers.

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