• Mfaizsyahmi


    November 14, 2016 by Mfaizsyahmi

    Hi! I'm mfaizsyahmi. I am the new admin and bureaucrat for this wiki, after the original admin and founder TheAC29 has gone AWOL, and I intend on improving the state of this wiki and make it a viable source of reference for all things gaki!

    I have prepared a roadmap of things I think essential to get this wiki off the ground. Other plans I have for this wiki include:

    • Changing its name to Gaki Wiki. the current name is too long. Admins cannot do this on their own and need to contact the Wiki Staff.
    • Redesign the wiki's theme. The current one is temporary. Maybe it'll be themed around the 2016 Batsu Game.
    • Delete all videos (they're external but treated as internal on wikis) on this wiki. These are most likely already DMCA'd by nitere and no longe…
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  • PsychoDelusion
    • 24 Hour Gaki No Tsukai Streaming by DuckToaster:
    • Watch New Gaki No Tsukai Episodes Every Sunday (3:15 PM GMT):
    • Subbing Team Official Site:
    • Zurui's Blog:
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  • TheAC29

    Attention, sovcorp's account was terminated by Youtube, but all the Gaki No Tsukai Videos wasn't removed by Youtube. So we're still lucky. I don't know if sovcorp's account in Youtube will be brought back.

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  • TheAC29

    Everyone, please enjoy the new Achievements Leaderboard that I contacted Wikia to Achievements in Downtown no Gaki No Tsukai Ya Arahende!!

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