Ancient Monster Gomora

Gomora is a massive saurian that first appeared in 1966's Tokusatsu series by Tsuburaya Productions, Ultraman. Ever since his appearance, he has been a staple to the series and continues to make appearances through out the Ultraman series.

Gaki no TsukaiEdit

Gomora's first ever varity show appearance was a brief cameo in the No Laughing Airport Batsu game. The beast was at the door to the grounds were they had to free a captured crew member and greeted them before they were bombarded with rockets.


The Gomora seen in Gaki no Tsukai is a towering 10-12 feet tall, and was specificly created for the theme park, Ultraman Land. Unlike the normal Gomora suit which is roughly six feet tall, the actor's legs are exposed much in the fashion of the Walking with Dinosaurs stage show saurians. The suit also features a gimmick where it can spew CO2 gas from its mouth.

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