Saitō Toshihide (斉藤 敏豪), born 1955, is the Assistant Director of the Gaki no Tsukai production team, who is in charge of set design. He is usually referred to by his nickname "World Famous Heipo" (世界のヘイポー Sekai no Heipo) or simply Heipō (ヘイポー).

His inclusion in the segments and games are often due to his inability to stomach scary things (however silly they may be) and his perverted nature. This include some of the annual Batsu Games. Other times, he fills in the spot of an absent cast member (e.g. in Kiki). In some Absolutely Tasty segments he is called in to taste whatever gross dish Matsumoto had made for the grand finale. He is also the target for the special Horror Shichi Henge.

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