Hi! I'm mfaizsyahmi. I am the new admin and bureaucrat for this wiki, after the original admin and founder TheAC29 has gone AWOL, and I intend on improving the state of this wiki and make it a viable source of reference for all things gaki!

I have prepared a roadmap of things I think essential to get this wiki off the ground. Other plans I have for this wiki include:

  • Changing its name to Gaki Wiki. the current name is too long. Admins cannot do this on their own and need to contact the Wiki Staff.
  • Redesign the wiki's theme. The current one is temporary. Maybe it'll be themed around the 2016 Batsu Game.
  • Delete all videos (they're external but treated as internal on wikis) on this wiki. These are most likely already DMCA'd by nitere and no longer available. Please do a favour and not add any videos from YouTube as they'll eventually be DMCA'd.

Please bear in mind that a wiki is a collaborative effort. I may be able to provide the groundwork for others to follow but I can only do so for things that are readily available to me (i.e. eng-subbed eps that I've saved.) I can't possibly watch every subbed episodes, go to every subber and fan websites and forums, and then write about all of them myself. So do not expect for content like you're accustomed to. Instead, provide them wherever you can! Even a tiny addition and improvement here and there would help in the long run! We're all in this together! :)

So go and edit these pages! If you're not clear about how to proceed feel free to drop me a message.

faiz OUT