Yamasaki Produce (山崎プロデュース Yamasaki Purodyūsu) is a segment within the Downtown no Gaki no Tsukai ya Arahende!! series.

In this segment, Yamasaki Hōsei composes music and lyrics for several songs which the cast members will then rehearse and perform either as solos, duets or group performances. Well-known Japanese musicians are sometimes invited to perform alongside the cast members.

Yamasaki often composes three or four songs, and directs the performers during rehearsal as to how they should sing, dance and act. The recordings of these performances are then played back each episode while the cast members react from within a studio.

The first episode aired on the 5th of December 2004, while the final episode aired on the 15th of July 2012. There are five parts in total. Over the years, Yamasaki has composed 16 songs for this segment.

List of parts Edit

# Episode Air date Songs Featured musicians
1 Yamasaki Produce 1 5 December 2004 BEACH PADDY
Rizière Centre
2 Yamasaki Produce 2 11 June 2006 夏オトコ2006メドリー
Those days
Not an errand boy
3 Yamasaki Produce 3 30 September 2007 恋の沈丁花
Yashiro Aki
Diamond Yukai
Yuki Saori
4 Yamasaki Produce 4 16 November 2008 SPRING LOVE
Haruna Aki
Shimakura Chiyoko
5 Yamasaki Produce 5 15 July 2012 調教2012
DaDaDa DiDi Da-Da

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