Yamasaki Produce 1 is the first episode of Yamasaki Produce. It is Episode #735 of Downtown no Gaki no Tsukai ya Arahende!! and aired on the 5th of December, 2004.

This episode features four songs: 'BEACH PADDY', 'Rizière Centre', 'FAR WISTARIA', and 'PINE BOOK'.

The songs have been written and composed by Yamasaki Hōsei. They are performed by Hamada Masatoshi, Tanaka Naoki, Endō Shōzō, and Matsumoto Hitoshi respectively.

Cast Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Yamasaki intended each cast member's song title to be a direct English translation of the kanji in their name.
  • The kanji in 浜田 (Hamada) can be directly translated to 浜 = beach, and 田 = paddy.
  • The kanji in 松本 (Matsumoto) can be directly translated to 松 = pine, and 本 = book.
  • The kanji in 遠藤 (Endō) can be directly translated to 遠 = far, and 藤 = wisteria.
  • 'Wistaria', as shown in the title of Endō's song, is likely to be a typo.
  • The kanji in 田中 (Tanaka) can be directly translated to 田 = rice field and 中 = centre.
  • 'Rizière' is the French word for 'rice field'.

Songs Edit

Hamada Masatoshi
Rizière Centre
Tanaka Naoki
Endō Shōzō
Matsumoto Hitoshi

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